A chance for voters to hear in person from the 3 opposition candidates, and then choose a winner.

Every election time, voters desperate for change face the impossible task of second-guessing which opposition candidate others will get behind. The South Devon Primary will answer that question. Together we will select the best opposition candidate to face the Conservatives, giving voters a real choice for the first time.

Anthony Mangnall won in 2019 with the support of 39.7% of the electorate. What if we could bring voters together for the next election?

The Primary process brings the opposition together

Working together, the opposition have greater numbers and can help bring the change we so need in our country. By selecting a single opposition candidate in South Devon, with a real chance of winning, we can help revive democracy. People who have long felt disengaged with politics will see the chance for change. If you believe in democracy, not one-party-rule, that can only be a good thing.