Polls and Recent Election Results

Some polls now put Primary winner Caroline Voaden in the lead, but with other leading polls still showing a Conservative win. Even if Caroline pulls into the lead, this Conservative government can be expected to have some dirty tricks up their sleeve. And there's always a possibility that they might do a deal with Reform. We have a historic chance here, but a huge effort is needed to push this campaign over the line.

Latest predictions for South Devon (Totnes) from leading pollsters

We refer to the following seat prediction websites:
- www.StopTheTories.vote - link
- Survation MRP poll - link
- Vote Climate - link
- Ipsos - link
- Best for Britain / Get Voting - link
- Electoral Calculus - link
- Election Maps UK - link

We have excluded simplistic UNS polls (Universal National Swing) polls which are misleading, extrapolating solely from the swing at a national level.

2023 local election results

The South Devon constituency sits across two local council areas: South Hams and Torbay. Here are the results for each.

1. Torbay - from: BBC
2. South Hams - from BBC

2019 general election results

From: UK Parliament

2017 general election results

From: UK Parliament