A fair way to choose one progressive candidate to unite behind next general election

Let's be clever and vote together
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We need bold new leadership for the challenges ahead but our failing voting system favours the status quo.

Conservative MPs have won in South Devon (Totnes) constituency for the last 100 years and often with a lot less than 50% of the vote. Until we change our out-of-date voting system, we need a new approach.

The Primary helps us choose a single opposition candidate for the next general election.

The Conservative party is a big tent, spanning a huge range of views from the likes of Ken Clarke MP to Kwasi Kwarteng and Liz Truss who helped crash our economy.

But the opposition is fragmented, giving this irresponsible government absolute power on a minority vote.

Let's rally behind a single progressive candidate whose values the majority of us share.

The Primary will shake up the tired ‘Safe Seat’ status quo

This is a new, fairer approach that will give people in South Devon a real choice. And that can only be good for democracy.
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If you are in another constituency where the Conservatives are polling to win on a minority, and you're interesting in replicating this primary, please sign up for info at our umbrella organisation, Political Primary Network.