Uniting voters behind the best opposition candidate at the next general election.

Each election, a split opposition works to benefit one party. South Devon Primary will select the best from the three main opposition candidates to challenge the Conservatives in the Totnes & South Devon constituency.

A new Primary process can deliver real political change in South Devon

We need bold new leadership for the challenges ahead but our failing voting system favours the status quo.

Conservative MPs have won in South Devon (Totnes) constituency for the last 100 years and often with a lot less than 50 per cent of the vote. With no chance of change under our out-of-date voting system, we need a new approach.

The Primary helps us choose a single opposition candidate for the next general election.

The Tory party is a big tent, spanning a huge range of views from the likes of Ken Clarke MP to newcomers like Kwasi Kwarteng MP, the chancellor who crashed our economy. By contrast, the opposition is fragmented. Until they work together, we will continue to see unaccountable & complacent government, handed full power by a minority of the electorate.

The Primary will shake up the tired ‘Safe Seat’ status quo – a new, fair approach that will give people in South Devon a real choice.

And that can only be good for democracy.

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