Posters and Signboards

Most progressive voters are happy to unite behind the winner of the Primary. But it's a challenge reaching over 70,000 people. Please help us spread the word that Caroline Voaden is our People's Champion. You can download graphics for social media, and window posters. For T-shirts, hoodies etc, please go to our shop.

Window Posters

A4 poster to display in your window. Please download the file, then print from a PDF reader (e.g. Adobe) *
* The Electoral Commission advise that you must fill in your name and address at the bottom where it says "Printed and promoted by..."

Order your own garden signboard

People have been asking if they can order their own estate-agent-style signboard. These graphics are for A2 size correx boards. We recommend ordering them from Solopress printers. Click on the image then download the PDF file which you then upload when ordering the correx board. They're much cheaper if you order in bulk - maybe with some friends? We've checked the rules with the Electoral Commission who told us that anything you print yourself should have the name and address of the printer (our designs already have the correct details for Solopress), and no-one should spend more than £700 - obviously far more than enough, with 6 x A2 boards costing £34+VAT. If you would like to adapt our designs to any size, all the graphics you need are in this Adobe Illustrator file.

Graphics for posting on social media

Help make some noise on social media. Please download and share these graphics.