About Us

All three founders are tired of tribalism in the centre and left of politics. They have each campaigned and voted for Labour, Lib Dem and Green in the past, according to which one had the greatest chance of victory. If you live in this constituency, please sign up to support and take part in the Primary.
We are sharing this primary model for free including a free website, logos, leaflet designs, training program etc. If you'd like to find out about emulating our primary model in your area, please sign up at our umbrella organisation -Political Primary Network. We'll be running a zoom workshop soon.
Anthea Simmons
"I am editor-in-chief for the progressive online paper, West Country Voices, spokesperson for Devon for Europe and the author of a number of books, including one on young climate change activists. Before that I worked for more than 20 years in financial asset management at director level.

I've got involved with South Devon Primary because I want to help mobilise people to engage with democracy so that real change can happen. Too many people feel there’s no point voting, that all politicians are the same, but we face too many crucial issues now – climate crisis, cost of living, the NHS, attacks on human rights etc - to stand idly by and let stuff be done to us.

Time to get stuck in for positive change! People power!”
Ben Long
“After publishing a history book, I worked for many years as a private tutor, home-schooling children all over the world. Following a return to Devon and the birth of our daughter, I’m now helping my partner run her ceramics business.

Having a child has refocused me on the climate crisis, and I’ve volunteered to help organise the South Devon Primary as the most effective route I can see for leveraging meaningful action on climate.

Climate change is a key public concern that isn’t being addressed with the necessary urgency by government. We need a new bottom-up politics, and a more empowered electorate, to bring change about.”
Simon Oldridge
Simon Oldridge
A former business consultant with Ernst & Young and then CEO of a major UK roof tile manufacturer, Simon now campaigns for science-led action on the climate & nature crisis. He is also a director of Sustainable South Hams.

Simon draws on his experience in analysing complex business systems to help communicate on the climate & nature crisis.

In recent years, Simon  worked on the cross-party Climate & Ecology Bill campaign, helping brief politicians on the science, before leaving to focus on this project.

“There is a better future available to us if we act rapidly on the climate and nature crisis, but our Government has its fingers in its ears. The progressive parties find it hard to co-operate, so we're taking the problem out of their hands.”