Latest Polling South Devon

Latest polls show a Tory win in South Devon (Totnes) with just 34% of the vote!

But if all Labour, Lib Dem and Green voters get behind one opposition candidate, that candidate would beat the Tories 59% to 34%.

We don’t even need everyone to join in, but of course, the more that do, the more certain the outcome. The key thing is to run a fair selection process to make sure everyone who is interested can be involved in helping choose which candidate to get behind.

South Devon Primary will organise hustings in town and village halls around the constituency, where local people can ask the candidates questions and get the measure of them. To win the Primary, candidates will need to listen to the concerns of local people and to reach out beyond their own party. This is how democracy should work.

So together, let’s put aside tribal differences, recognise that we have much in common, and choose the candidate we think is best placed to win. Let’s break the cycle and create a chance for real and lasting change.

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