Anthony Mangnall distances himself from his party despite voting with them 98.9% of the time

Our MP's new leaflet makes almost no mention of the Conservative Party despite the fact that he has voted with them 98.9% of the time. And he promotes the £20m of public 'levelling-up' funds which he directed primarily to benefit a handful of wealthy industrial fishing operators, likely to expand bottom trawling which scientists warn is wrecking marine ecosystems and releasing dangerous amounts of CO₂.

Parliamentary voting records show that Mr Mangnall has supported the Government on almost every single vote. He even voted for Liz Truss' disastrous mini-budget which crashed the UK economy, wiping £30 billion off national wealth.

His leaflet celebrates the fact that he secured nearly £20 million of 'levelling up' money to expand industrial fishing at Brixham, benefiting only a handful of already very wealthy businesses. It seems pertinent that our MP has received significant campaign donations from industrial fishing at Brixham. How can it be right for him to campaign to funnel public money to them, particularly when there are so many urgent needs for levelling-up funding in the Torbay area? Why has he done nothing for the smaller more sustainable fishing fleet?

This move to expand industrial fishing flies in the face of the latest science advice which warns this damaging practice is wrecking marine ecosystems, and releasing dangerous quantities of carbon dioxide which will accelerate global warming.

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